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Japanese Pickle - $4.80

Assorted pickle of Cucumber & Reddish

Oyster Shooter - $7.50

Fresh oyster shooter with a distinctive flavour

Lychee Bacon Maki (new) - $13.00

Grilled Skewers of Bacon, Lychee with Special House Sweetened Sauce

Yakitori - $10.50

Chicken skewers with Capsicum

Agedashi Tofu - $10.50

Deep fried tofu with sweetened soya sauce

Tempura Mix (small) - $13.80

One prawn, mix vegetables

Kushi-Yaki Combo - $15.80

Grilled skewers of prawn, salmon, scallop & Bacon

Jumbo Soft Shell Crab - $17.80

Deep fries soft shell crab with eggplant

Tomato Sashimi - $6.00

Tomato sliced with house special sauce

Takoyaki - $9.50

Deep fried octopus balls, served with Japanese BBQ sauce

Edamame - $8.50

Soya beans served warm with rock salt

Yaki Gyoza - $11.80

Japanese dumpling with Pork & Cabbage

Nasu Agedashi - $11.80

Deep fried eggplant in light sweetened soya sauce

Gyu Maki Duo - $13.00

Beef rolls with asparagus, golden mushrooms & spring onion

Mini Japanese Dimsum Platter - $16.50

Japanese spring roll, dimsum & mini Japanese pancake

Dobin-Mushi-Tokio Fan Style - $19.80

Prawn, Scallop and Mushroom in Our House Seafood Soup server in Japanese Tea Pot


Yasai Salad - $14.80

Mixed salad of seasonal green crisps with home-made ginger dressing

Tokio Salad - $17.80

Crabsticks, prawns, tobiko, cucumber and tomato tossed with home-made mayonnaise

Salmon or Tuna Salad - $19.80

Red tuna or salmon served on a bed of greens tossed with house vinegar sauce*

Tempura Seafood Salad - $27.80

Two tempura prawns and seafood served with mixed salad

Wakame Salad - $15.50

Seaweed salad & seasonal green crisps with sesame dressing

Chef Sashimi Salad - $18.50

Fresh salmon & tuna sashimi rolls with green crisps and tossed with home-made avocado sauce

Sashimi Salad - $23.00

Fresh crabsticks, scallops, tuna & salmon tossed with mixed salad in special house vinegar sauce*

In house vinegar sauce*
*Our house dressing may contain traces of peanut & sesame.

Tokio Rolls

Cucumber & Avocado Roll (6pcs) - Roll $8.00 Cone $4.50

Cucumber & avocado with Nori on the outside

Vegetable Roll (8pcs) - Roll $14.50 Cone $7.50

Seasonal Tempura vegetable roll

Cooked Tuna/Salmon Roll (8pcs) - Roll $14.80 Cone $8.00

Cooked tuna or salmon with sesame seed on the outside

Tori Maki (8pcs) - Roll $16.50 Cone $8.50

Grilled chicken, romaine and cucumber with teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki Beef Roll (8pcs) - Roll $16.80 Cone $8.50

Grille beef and cucumber with teriyaki sauce

Dynamite Roll (8pcs) - Roll $19.50 Cone $10.00

Two tempura prawns, cucumber and tobiko with home-made spicy sauce

Super Star (8pcs) - Roll $21.50 Cone $11.50

Tempura vegetable with smoke salmon on top and cream cheese

Peking Roll (8pcs) - New Roll $23.80 Cone $12.00

Deep Fried Peking duck with cucumber, sweet sauce, sprinkle with sesame seed and spring onion

Tasmania Roll (8pcs) - Roll $23.80 Cone $12.00

Salmon and avocado layered on top of our California roll

Summer Queen (8pcs) - New Roll $24.80 Cone $13.00

Shrimp tempura, mango or seasonal fruit, cucumber, wrapped in sweet egg on mayonnaise and tobiko

Spicy Tori Maki Roll (8pcs) (New) $17.50 Cone $9.00


Spicy Teriyaki Beef Roll (8pcs) (New) $17.80 Cone $9.00


Ichiban Roll - Roll $21.50 Cone $11.50

Seared Salmon, layered on a tempura asparagus & avocado roll with our special cream sauce, drizzle with onion and tobiko

California Roll (8pcs) - Roll $13.50 Cone $7.00

Crab stick and avocado with sprinkled tobiko

Tuna/Salmon Roll (6pcs) - Roll $13.80 Cone $7.50

Fresh tuna or salmon with nori on the outside

Una Kiyu (6pcs) - Roll $14.20 Cone $7.50

Cooked eel with nori on the outside

Salmon & Avocado Roll (8pcs) - Roll $16.50 Cone $9.00

Fresh salmon and avocado with mayo

Salmon Coat (8pcs) - Roll $17.50 Cone $9.00

Salmon skin, cucumber, sprinkled with sesame seeds

New Dragon Roll (8pcs) - New Roll $23.80 Cone $12.50

Tempura prawn, rolled in sushi rice and topped with grilled eel & avocado

Typhoon (8pcs) - Roll $19.80 Cone $10.00

Tuna & tempura flake with home-made spicy sauce

Chef’s Special Roll (8pcs) - Roll $24.80 Cone $13.00

Deep fried soft shell crab with avocado, cucumber, crab roe with home-made mayonnaise

Rainbow Roll (8pcs) - Roll $22.80 Cone $12.00

California roll, topped with salmon, tuna & cooked prawns

Phoenix Roll (8pcs) - Roll $25.50 Cone $13.50

Tempura scallops, fresh salmon with cream cheese & topped with tempura flakes & house sweetened sauce

Fuji Scallop Sushi (4pcs)(New) $18.80 

Seared Scallop with our special cream sauce, dizzle with parsley and tobiko

Chicken Katsu Roll (8pcs) - Roll $18.00 Cone $9.50

Deep Fried Crumbled Chicken and Avocado with Katsu Sauce


Tamago (egg) - $2.50

Spicy Tuna - $4.50
chopped tuna in spicy sauce

Unagi (eel) - $3.50

Tako (octopus) - $3.50

Hamachi (king sh) - $4.00

Tobiko (flying fish roe) - $4.80

Oyster - $5.00

Ika (squid) - $3.00

Sake (salmon) - $3.50
seared salmon sushi 50c extra

Ebi (prawn) - $3.50

Spice Scallops - $4.80

Maguro (red tuna) - $5.00

Kobe Beef - $4.60

Inari - $3.20

Special Sashimi

Beef Tataki - $22.80
Beef sashimi thinly sliced with tataki sauce

Spicy Tuna Tata - $23.00
Chopped fresh tuna with home-made spicy sauce on romaine lettuce

Salmon Sashimi (5pcs) - $19.00

Scampi Sashimi (5pcs) - Market price

Sashimi Omakase - (small) $29.50 (large) $36.50
Assorted sashimi

Sashimi Kingdom - $96.00
Assorted sashimi includes salmon; tuna king fish, calamari, Oyster, scallop & prawn presented in a deluxe ice boat.

Spicy Scallop Tata - $23.00
Fresh scallop with home-made spicy sauce on romaine lettuce

King Fish Sashimi (5pcs) - $20.00

Tuna Sashimi (5pcs) - $22.00

Sushi & Sashimi Combo - S: $30.00 L: $39.50 Deluxe $49.80
served in Japanese boat

Spicy Salmon Tata - $21.00
Chopped fresh salmon with home-made spicy sauce on romaine lettuce


Nasu Miso Yaki - $18.00

Grilled eggplant topped with special sweetened miso sauce

Mussel Sake Butter (new) - $21.50

Steamed mussel in buttered sake broth

Chicken Teriyaki - $27.50

Grilled chicken fillet with teriyaki sauce & seasonal vegetable

Spicy Chicken Teriyaki (New) - $29.00


Tonkatsu - $30.00

Deep fried crumbed pork fillet served with home-made katsu sauce and salad

Beef Goma Fumi - $31.00

Grilled beef fillet with sesame sauce with seasonal vegetables

Lamb Cutlet Misoyaki  - $32.00

Grilled lamb cutlets served with miso-soya sauce & seasonal vegetables

Seafood Platter for Two  - $123.00

Grilled half lobster, seafood tempura, salmon sashimi, oyster & California rolls with miso soup & tokio salad.
(This may take longer time to prepare)

Mixed Mushrooms - $17.00

Enoki, shitake & white mushrooms sauce with butter & sake

Grilled Eel - $25.20

Grilled eel served with steamed rice & miso soup

Beef Teriyaki - $28.50

Grilled sliced beef with teriyaki sauce & seasonal vegetable

Salmon Teriyaki - $31.00

Grilled sliced beef with teriyaki sauce & seasonal vegetable

Spicy Beef Teriyaki (New) - $30.00


Chicken Katsu  - $30.50

Deep fried crumbed chicken fillet served with home-made katsu sauce and salad

Chef Special Chicken/Beef  - $31.50

Grilled chicken or beef served with Japanese black pepper sauce

Grilled Mackerel - $31.00

Grilled Mackeral, served with special house sauce


Vegetable Tempura - $20.50

Deep fried battered seasonal vegetable

Assorted Tempura - $28.00

Two prawns & seasonal vegetables

Ebi Tempura - $26.00

Three deep fried battered jumbo prawns

Seafood Tempura - $29.00

Deep fried prawns, scallops, crab claw and vegetables

Complete Teppan Set Dinners

Chicken Teriyaki Set - $42.80

With assorted tempura

Beef Teriyaki Set - $44.80

With assorted tempura

Steak, Scallops & Mushrooms Set - $48.80

With assorted tempura. Served with tokio salad, miso soup, rice, seasonal vegetables and ice cream.

Salmon Teriyaki Set - $46.80

With assorted tempura

Chicken Katsu/Tonkatsu Set - $45.80



Steamed Rice - $4.20


Seiro Soba - $14.80

Fresh cold soba served with Japanese soba sauce

Steam/Fried Vegetable - $16.80

Steam or fried five types of seasonal vegetables served with oyster sauce

Fried Udon - $22.00

Stir fried udon with chicken and mixed vegetables

Tempura & Seiro Soba - $24.80

Deep fried prawns & assorted vegetables with fresh cold soba

Vegetable Udon (in soup/spicy soup) - $17.00

Japanese noodle with seasonal vegetable served in hot pot

Nabe-Yaki Udon - $23.80

Noodle with chicken, tempura prawn and noodles in udon soup/spicy soup

Tempura Udon (in soup/spicy soup) - $25.50

Prawn & vegetable tempura served on side

Soup/Suki Yaki

Miso-wan - $4.80

Seaweed & tofu served in miso broth

Mini Suki Yaki - $29.80

Paper thin sliced of beef, served with seasonal vegetable & tofu special sweet sauce in hot pot. (This may take longer time to prepare)

Shabu Shabu - $52.00

Large hot pot of vegetable, tofu, enoki, a plate of A6 wagyu beef (200g), poached with premium soup, served with ponzu and seasume dipping sauce. Always cooked with seasonal vegetable and udon.

Japanese Seafood Hot Pot - $39.80

Prawn, scallop, fish fillet, mussels & various delicious. Seafood, seasonal vegetables with Japanese noodle in house special soup. (This may take longer time to prepare)


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